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Orla Kelly

My Mission Statement

“To provide a personal, attentive self-publishing service and to deliver a polished, professional product and service in a timely, cost-effective manner.”

My work is personal, and I like to think it shows. I began my journey as an author, and from that deeply personal experience, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to providing a personal, professional, and authentic range of self-publishing services. I understand that for authors, a book is not just a collection of words; it’s a piece of their heart and soul. That’s why my mission is to ensure authors are not only published but also empowered to build their businesses around their books. I am here to offer unwavering support, making sure each author’s unique voice and vision shine through in their work, and to help them embark on the exciting journey of growing their authorship into a thriving business.

A Partner in Your Success.

Expertise & Professionalism

Priority Customer Support

Global Distribution

Record of Success

Expertise & Professionalism

Priority Customer Support

Global Distribution

Record of Success

Why Work With Us

  • A pathway to becoming a published author.
  • Authority and trust in your field.
  • A book that works for your business.
  • Multiple book formats for your readers.
  • A quick path to getting your books
    into the hands of readers.
  • Trust-building strategies.
  • Access to international markets.
  • Monetization opportunities.
  • Stress-free publishing.
  • All royalties going directly to you.
  • A lasting legacy.

We Help Entrepreneurs and Coaches Write and Publish Expert Books and Build Their Online Courses.

Leadership Fit for the Future Work
Perfectly Imperfect Parenting
Becoming Your Best Possible Self
Midlife Women Rock
101 Business Lessons

Elevate your expertise and expand your influence with our comprehensive solutions, tailored to your needs.

What is your GOAL in publishing a Book?

book business success

I want to establish my expertise in my niche and utilize my book as preparation for business expansion.

book business success

I aim to solidify my authority and reach as an industry influencer by crafting and promoting an impactful book in preparation for business growth.

book business success

I envision using my book as a powerful tool to establish my expertise, build a lasting legacy, and sustainably grow my business.

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Hear from clients who have experienced the power of Book Business Success Program.

I highly recommend Orla Kelly. I am extremely happy with the final published book. It is of the highest quality standard and all readers so far have remarked on that. Orla helped me with improving the quality of many diagrams and illustrations in the book. She was meticulous with all the editing and proof-reading..Orla’s Cover Design for my book is very clever and grabs attention.

I was dreading all the technical  IT side of the final production and the uploading to Amazon, Kindle and Ingram Sparks. But Orla did all of this for me which I really appreciated. 

The whole process from my initial contact with Orla to final production and going live on Amazon only took 5 months. Without Orla’s support and expertise this would have taken a very long time.

Orla always was available to support me on the phone and by email. Her support to me was invaluable.

Hopefully the book will justify all her efforts and support by impacting as many lives as possible

Gerard Morgan

Author of Becoming Your Best Possible Self

From our first conversation, I knew that Orla understood what I wanted to do through my writing. Her calm, warm yet professional manner made me feel reassured along the way. She listened, guided and communicated throughout the whole process.
Thank you very much Orla,

Catherine Murnin

Author of The Wellbeing Pathway

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